Field Trips

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Field Trips in NSS


6th Grade Nature's Classroom Field Trip (2014-15)

6th Grade kicked off 2015 with an exciting and educational field trip to Nature's Classroom! Nature's Classroom is a 365-acre environmental studies program and learning laboratory set in the real Florida environment. Through a three-day hands-on experience, students study the complex, dynamic ecosystem surrounding the Hillsborough River. They hear about the challenges facing the environment and learn how the health of the river affects all of us by influencing things such as our drinking water supply. Most importantly, students learn how their actions now and in the future can impact the environment and our community.


nature15th Grade JA Biztown Field Trip (2014-15)

The 5th grade students spent a day in a simulated city acting as business leaders and employees of six different businesses during our trip to JA BizTown on Thursday, January 29th. After a month of learning about financial literacy, the community and economy, work readiness, and business management, our 5th grade students were able to put it all into practice. It was an event to remember! :)



Cracker Country Field Trip (2014-15)

1st Grade Cracker Country Field Trip (2014-15)

The first grade students enjoyed a field trip to Cracker Country. They stepped back in time to the year 1898 in a Florida town. They washed clothes, dipped candles, learned how cane syrup and butter was made, made a class jump rope, attended a one room school house, and enjoyed recess in which they played with period toys of the time.


Fire Truck Visit

On Wednesday, November 13th Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 13 came to the school for a visit.  Each elementary class was given the chance to meet with the Fire Fighters and look at the fire truck, they even got to go inside.  It was great opportunity to meet some real community workers and heroes.





K-2 Lowry Park Zoo Trip

On Friday, November 8th the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes took a trip to the Lowry Park Zoo.  All the class had a great time and was very lucky to have some wonderful chaperones along with us.  It is always fun to go on a field trip that ties in with our curriculum.  1st grade has been learning about living and nonliving things as well as habitats.  In 2nd grade we have also been learning about habitats as well as the life cycle.  It was really fun to see the ani

mals up close!  A special thank you goes to Mrs. Akers for putting the field trip together.





5th grade JA Biztown Trip

                “This is the BEST day ever!”, “Now I know why my parents come home looking tired…working is HARD WORK!”, and “I love learning how to write checks!” were just some of the overwhelming positive remarks that the Junior Achievement Biztown field trip received.  

                Beginning at the end of September, NSS 5th graders learned about how a business is run, taxes, how to calculate taxes, and philanthropy.  From there, students also learned imperative life skills such as how to act during an interview, what it means to make a great first impression, and how to properly write and keep a checking account up to date.  In mid-October, the students were all assigned a business and job.  Some of the jobs included CEOs, CFOs, Busch Gardens Marketing Director, Professional Offices Attorney, and Professional Office Security Guard.  

                Finally November 7th arrived and the students (professionally dressed) anxiously arrived at the Tampa Junior Achievement center and were nervous about starting their “new jobs”.  The pictures below are just some that were taken throughout the day.  The students returned to school exhausted, but so grateful for the experience.   A special and heartfelt thank you to all of our parent volunteers and Ms. Oz for taking the time to come help make Biztown a memorable experience for our 5th grade!





   Low Ropes Course Field Trip


NSS students recently experienced the Low Ropes Course at the USF Riverfront Park. The students were put through a series of challenges and games that were designed to improve their communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. In addition to these objectives, the students were allowed some free time to simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors with their classmates and teachers! It was a great bonding experience for many of our participants.