CMP-College Mentorship Program

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CMP-College Mentorship Program

The College Mentorship Program (CMP) is a voluntary mentorship program designedto provide information, resources and referrals that empower students to persist towards graduation, transfer to four-year universities and enhance their personal and professional development accompanying with NSS mission accentuates that The School has the responsibility to construct a program, which engages and motivates students to invest their talents, energy, and enthusiasm in completing their schoolwork in an exemplary manner. In addition, continuous improvement, persistent innovation, positive response to change, and a commitment to incessant growth are characteristics of the School's people and programs. To the end that, NSS will give opportunities and create environments in which students will be nurtured and we believe that our guidance program functions as a bridge between all stakeholders, included but not limited to administration, teacher, parents, etc., of our students’ education to create in & out school environments where students are engaged into creative thinking process to make them feel creative and boost their creativity in 21st century which is beginning of LIHGT.

CMP program is an in school program ran by teachers for students and parents. Mentorship is the method of delivery of education through different phases. The goal sought by CMP is establishing a nurturing environment for any student to achieve a success basis and gain skills for life.

CMP is initiated in a 9 thru 12 environments and expanded to 6-12 grade levels. During this time, college student mentors trained. This study will detail different levels of CMP content and timeline. CMP is a committed long term interactive mentor-mentee relationship which will enhance the student’s probability of acceptance into top ranking colleges and universities in the Nation as well as around the world.

The College Mentorship Program will help qualified students to hone their skills in

  • Academics
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Personality Development
  • Physical Coordination
  • Social Activities



Mr. Yakisma                                                                                                                                                         

CMP Sponsor/Coordinator

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