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NSS School-Wide Mathcounts Competition

NSS held School-Wide Mathcounts Competition on Saturday January 10, 2015. NSS MathletEagles performed Individual, Target, Team, Riley, and Countdown Rounds. The following awards are rewarded to the students:

Dress-Down Day

Participation Certificate & Mathcounts Pencils

Intramural Awards


a) Individual Awards
* Trophies: 1st thru 3rd Places

* Medals: 4th thru 10th Places

b) Team Awards

* Mathcounts School Team Ribbons: First place team

* Mathcounts School Mathlete Ribbons: Second place team

* 3rd Place Ribbons: Third place team

c) Grade Level first, second, third place ribbons

Trophy Winners
1st place winner: Gabriela Enamorado
2nd place winner: Victor Campisi
3rd place winner: Ethan Vargas