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Science Olympiad Team is the Regional Champion

New Springs Science Olympiad team competed in Western Florida regional Science Olympiad in Clearwater Catholic high school on Saturday, January 28. There were 24 middle school teams competed from Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. New Springs Science Olympiad team received the 1st place among 24 teams by earning 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. The team is now eligible to compete in Florida State Science Olympiad in May 2012.

1st place in Bottle Rocket Beyza Gultekin and Riza Turnusov
1st place in Disease detectives Angela Jones and Jordan Fleming
1st Place in Water Quality Jordan Fleming and Alana McFadden
1st place in Mousetrap Vehicle Bryan Botero and Angelo Jones
2nd Place in Science Crime Busters Angela Jones and Jordan Fleming
2nd Place in Storm the Castle Amari Mcduffie and Bryan Botero
2nd Place in Mission Possible Amari Mcduffie and Bryan Botero
2nd Place in Bottle Rocket Melody Yersel and Erva Arslan
3rd Place in Awesome Aquifers Bryan Botero and Stefan Stavropoulos


3 Gold 1Silver 2 Bronze Medals in Regional Science Olympiad

olympiad1The New Springs Science Olympiad Team attended Florida’s western regional Science Olympiad tournament in Clearwater Catholic High School on Saturday, January 29. NSMS first year the team had a great success at the competition. The team received 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals.

Overall the team received 4th place among 25 middle school teams in the region. New Springs Science Olympiad team also qualified to compete at state level Science Olympiad tournament on April 16th at University of Central Florida.

 Gold Medal in Bottle Rocket: Beyza Gultekin & Justin Jaikaran

Gold Medal in Science Crime Busters: Angela Jones & Jordan Fleming

Gold Medal in Tower Building: Nurgul Ulukaya & Beyza Gultekin

Silver Medal in Microbe Mission: Stephen Stavropulos & Jonathan McKinley

Bronze Medal in Fossil: Jordan Fleming & Malek Joseph

Bronze Medal in Awesome Aquifers: Bryan Botero & Jonathan McKinley



FL State Science Olympiad at UCF

regionalCongratulations to NSMS Science Olympiad Team. They competed at FL State Science Olympiad at UCF on April 16th. Our team received 2 bronze medals in the state level Science Olympiad. This is such a great achievement for a school in its first year. 53 middle schools attended the Olympiad by being eligible through 5 regional competitions in Florida.

Below are the students and their placements.

3rd place (Bronze Medal) Science Crime Busters Chemistry
Angela Jones & Jordan Fleming
3rd place (Bronze Medal) Tower Building-Physics and Engineering
Sujal Patel & Nurgul Ulukaya





Florida Invitational Science Olympiad

sonNSS Science Olympiad Team attended 2011 Florida Invitational Science Olympiad. NSS ranked 5th place among 12 teams and received 1th place in Bottle Rocket, 3rd place in Science Crime Busters, 3rd place in Storm the Castle,3rd place in Experimental Design, 4th place in Meteorology .

Congratulations to team members.The students were Beyza Gultekin, Jordan Fleming, Angela Jones, Nurgul Ulukaya, Sujal Patel, Malek Joseph, Tanweer Gangani, Stephen Stavropoulos, Brayan Botero,Justin Jaikaran, Jonathan Mckinley, Princess Carr, Shakeema Downey,Amari Mcduffie, Zhaliyah Lancestar.

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