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Jr. FLL Competition

This Saturday the Junior Lego League had their first Exposition at Dunedin High School. They competed against 3 other teams from Discovery Academy of Science, also from Dunedin. The students were asked extensive questions from multiple sets of judges about their displays and how they created them and why. This year’s theme was “Think Tank.” The students were to think of something they wanted to learn more about, where they could learn more, and a tool that could help them in learning. They also needed to have a motorized part to their display as well as a simple machine (Wheel, gear, pulley, etc.). Our two teams chose volcanoes and cars. The teams did a great job explaining their displays and team-building skills! NSS Team 1: Miguel Alonzo-Davila (K), Laith Al-Rafaie (2nd), Gaven Fenlon (K), Mael Newton (2nd), Omar Mahsel (1st) won a trophy for Best Team Spirit. NSS Team 2: Ethan Smith (2nd), Preston Malouin (1st), Aden Wharton (K), Devin Henricksen (2nd), and Angelii Bertran (1st), won a trophy for Most Sound Structure. Mrs. Bresnahan won the Most Outstanding Coach award! Congratulations to our New Springs Junior Lego League teams!

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